QMaster-wGrill--WIFI Wireless Temperature thermometer for
BBQ Smoker Grill Bakery Kitchen Oven Cooking Chef

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QMaster-wGrill:Thermometer with WiFi for BBQ, 4 probes, with graphing, viewing locally on equipment
or remotely on Browers like I.E. Chrome Firefox on computer or smart phone. No APP is needed

Please review real performance it on line
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QMaster-wGrill:Thermometer with WIFI for BBQ, viewed Locally on equipment or remotely on browers like I.E. Chrome, Firefox. No APP is needed

Front view

Side view

Side View

Single probe
ex-works US$119

dual probes
ex-works U$134

4 probes
ex-works US$158

Power adapter of
smart phone 5VDC
NOT included

Powerpack Li-Ion battery
NOT included

Access to Internet is simple. View remotely on browers like Firefox,Chrome,I.E. NO APP is needed

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